P4 Pedestal Mini Payment Kiosk

Robust and stylish, easy to use cashless payment system

The robust and stylish profile of the P4 offers the options of kerb and access-way mounting, with a sleek profile. Ideal for carparks, sports facilities and locations where ticketed or voucher payment could replace the need for staff to handle transactions.

Secure, reliable and open all hours

Features most of the options of our larger kiosk, but without cash handling. A secure, reliable and hassle-free way to take payments, the P4 is a self-service payment kiosk for taking payments for accounts, services and other chargeable items.

Accepts chip & pin or contactless card payments and issues a payment receipt….24/7. It has many connectivity options and can be managed remotely with management software or kept as a stand-alone unit.

  • Prints a receipt and voucher or ticket if needed
  • Bar code reader and printer for vouchers or promotions
  • User-friendly touch-screen
  • Flexible configuration for many payment types¬†and amounts
  • Interface to network for upload and download of data
  • Remote management with web browser
  • Fully accredited PCI-DSS compliant chip & pin /contactless card payment solution
  • Compact, floor mounted machine requiring only mains power and standard network connection


  • Cabinet: 3mm steel with Multi-point locking
  • Touchscreen: 12in PCAP with 4mm toughened glass
  • Card system: Verifone or Ingenico UPT; P2PE ready
  • Paper roll: 60mm width, up to 150mm diameter


  • Pedestal height to order
  • Remote management software
  • Integration to back-office system
  • Bar code reading
  • Intercom and alarm
  • UPS
  • Colour and artwork





sidepanel-icon-1LOCAL AUTHORITY
Rent payment, debt collection, fines etc

Payment of prescriptions & pharmacy products

Providing a wide range of payment options

Change giving for small coin purchases

sidepanel-icon-5BUS TICKETING
Typically: small unmanned bus stations

Typically: taxi-driver shift payments