Midlands Local Authority

8th November 2016

This Council was planning a new customer walk-in centre. The centre was required for communicating with customers on housing, rates, services and payments. They wanted it to be an open-plan and friendly environment, where customers could relate to staff across an open desk. The need to accept payments was causing a problem. This had always been done via a secure cash office where big screens and secure vaults were required. It was felt that this approach was old fashioned and not customer service orientated. Furthermore to incorporate a cash-office in the new design would require more space, more capital and full time staffing. Having talked to other authorities we found that some were using Coinage Kiosks for cash and payment handling. The good reports of reliability and support gave us the confidence to install two kiosks in our walk-in centre.

“The kiosks have been phenomenally reliable, and are now well accepted by our customers. Since installing the first two machines, we have installed a further five in other locations across the county”




sidepanel-icon-1LOCAL AUTHORITY
Rent payment, debt collection, fines etc

Payment of prescriptions & pharmacy products

Providing a wide range of payment options

Change giving for small coin purchases

sidepanel-icon-5BUS TICKETING
Typically: small unmanned bus stations

Typically: taxi-driver shift payments