A5E – External Payment Kiosk

The secure, hassle-free way to take payments

The A5E is a weatherproof self-service payment kiosk for taking a wide range of payments by cash and card with change giving and payment receipt and/or ticket.  The kiosks may be used in many applications including parking payments, entry tickets and transport tickets.

Ideally suited to

  • Car Parks
  • Leisure & Sports venues
  • Transport

Top quality components and excellent build quality ensure many years of reliable service.


  • Front access
  • PCAP display with toughened glass panel
  • Anti-rust paint with hard wearing textured finish
  • Coin slot shutter
  • Ventilation system to prevent dust and water ingress
  • Weather proofing to IP53
  • PCI DSS compliant card payments with contactless including ApplePay and AndroidPay
  • Reliable and secure Linux operating system
  • Network connection via LAN or 3G
  • Secure cash handling for CIT collection
  • Easy Configuration changes
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply


  • Barcode Scanner for 1D and 2D barcodes
  • Online Remote monitoring, diagnostics and reports
  • Integrated Alarm
  • Bespoke software and configuration for your application
  • Custom artwork & paint colour
  • Spare secure cashboxes


  • Secure steel cabinet with 7 point locking
  • Height: 1700mm Width: 670mm
  • Depth: 400mm  Weight  120Kg
  • High-speed thermal printer with 60mm width paper roll up to 150mm diameter
  • MEI Cashflow SCN85 Note reader with 1200 note capacity secure box
  • Can accept all UK notes in all orientations
  • NRI V2 Eagle Coin Acceptor with 3000 coin secure coin box.
  • Can accept all UK coins;
  • Coin recycling of up to 2 denominations
  • Four Azkoyen universal change payout hoppers with >1000 coin capacity each
  • Verifone UX Chip & Pin and contactless card reader and pinpad.






sidepanel-icon-1LOCAL AUTHORITY
Rent payment, debt collection, fines etc

Payment of prescriptions & pharmacy products

Providing a wide range of payment options

Change giving for small coin purchases

sidepanel-icon-5BUS TICKETING
Typically: small unmanned bus stations

Typically: taxi-driver shift payments