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Coinage is now Klidos Limited, If you are not automatically redirected, please follow this link


24/7 cash and card payment kiosks. Built for indoor and tough outdoor environments… Cost effective, robust and secure.

We have a variety of products to save time and money, where payment and change solutions are required.

Our products are designed to be secure, reliable and easy to install. Coinage are OEM manufacturers, so we are always interested to hear from customers who need a bespoke product to meet an unusual requirement. For medical prescription payment collection, Coinage have kiosks to suit all situations, and software to manage any number of sites.

Payment Solutions

We can supply many types of payment kiosk. Kiosks which include credit card payment, Note and change giving, barcode reading. In fact what ever your application, our kiosks are suited for payments and ticketing.

Kiosk Software

Our kiosk software provide both hardware control and remote management. Most applications require some custom configuration, which is performed by our in-house programmers.


Our change-giving machines cover the range from a small single hopper machine, up to high capacity coin and note change machines.




sidepanel-icon-1LOCAL AUTHORITY
Rent payment, debt collection, fines etc

Payment of prescriptions & pharmacy products

Providing a wide range of payment options

Change giving for small coin purchases

sidepanel-icon-5BUS TICKETING
Typically: small unmanned bus stations

Typically: taxi-driver shift payments